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Online counseling by licensed professionals. Accepting most insurances!

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We Accept Insurance!

We accept most insurances, including Blue Cross Blue Shield®, Aetna®, Cigna®, United Healthcare®, and more!

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Simple Online Therapy.

Video chat with your therapist through your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

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Licensed Professionals

Our clinicians are licensed professionals with at least a Master’s Degree and lots of experience.

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Kathryn Horrigan

Billing & Insurance Specialist

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Why choose us?

We love talking with you and offering professional clinical care in the most convenient way possible.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Since we accept most insurances, it is usually the amount of your copay, however, our self-pay rate is $90 per session.

Which states are you in?

We are based out of South Carolina and expanding to Maryland, Connecticut, California, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, Colorado, and Georgia!

Our Process

Number 1

First Contact

Call (855) 626-2100 and talk with our Patient Coordinator to schedule an appointment.

Number 2

Before the Session

Once scheduled, you’ll get an automatic email with a few forms to fill out electronically!

Number 3

Appointment Time

You’ll login to our online portal with your smart device at your appointment time.

Number 4

During the Session

You’ll have time to share and then learn therapeutic techniques & skills for success.

Let’s get you on the schedule!

Our team can help find your copay, and get you on the schedule fast!

A Message from the CEO:

“I am so proud of our team’s dedication to seeing the thousands of clients who trust us with their mental healthcare each month. We’ve been voted BEST OF THE BEACH 2020 & 2021, and we look forward to many more awards in the future!”

David Haddock, CEO

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Stacy Peer
Patient Coordinator
(855) 626-2100

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